Digital Photography Class – 2

Digital Photography Class – Use a plain background

When you’re trying to capture a magical moment with your digital camera one of the first things you should look out for is what’s in the background. You would be surprised how many amateur photographers make this mistake and end up with a picture that has too many distractions in the background and takes the focus away from the intended subject.

This ever happened to you?

A few years back when I was like most people just taking pictures for fun on holidays or wedding etc, I remember looking back at one particular trip to Italy in this really beautiful little village on the coast and noticed that one of the photos I really liked of my wife standing near the edge of a cliff top was ruined by a tree sprouting from the top of her head! Now I don’t mean this literally of course but because there was another cliff top 2 Km behind her which had trees on we ended up with a potentially lovely picture to one that whenever anybody looked at it, they would laugh and say “it looks like that tree has grown from your head”

You see, if you don’t plan your background it can take the focus away from your main subject in the picture. There was another random shot that my wife took of me where instead of a tree growing from the head, I had a lamppost growing. So you see the importance of what I’m sharing with you in this Digital Photography Class.

What You Should Do!

Before taking a picture, make sure you check what’s behind your subject.

Definitely check for trees or poles that could end up sprouting from the subjects head. When you take a picture, remember that a cluttered background will distract from the intended subject while a plain background will emphasize your subject. I personally use Olympus Digital Camera Accessories which includes their waterproof range to take fantastic definitive high quality photos pictures in any conditions.

I Hope this Digital Photography Class has been helpful to you!!