Photography & Scrapbooking

Photography can help preserve great memories of one’s family, friends, or a certain event. Photography can help us remember important events in the lives of our children, vacations, the first day of school, summertime fun and also special holidays.

Many times once the photos have been taken and printed out; one often wonders what should be done with the pictures? If the photos of loved ones and faraway places are merely going to be thrown into a shoe box, then photography becomes a passive activity. However, if telling one’s own story through scrapbooking is important, then photography becomes a worthwhile hobby.

Scrapbooking is a wonderful way to preserve memories in an album. Photography, along with scrapbooking, allows us a chance to pass our family history on through generations. Ever gone to a yard sale or flea market only to see heirloom pictures for sale? Unfortunately, preserving family history was not a priority for whoever is trying to get rid of the photos. It can be quite upsetting to see such a waste.

Once a person begins preserving one’s own family memories in albums, that person is on the right path to keeping family history alive and well. Children always marvel over photos, which can also peak their interest in photography. Scrapbooks can be cherished for many generations.

Scrapbooking and photography are fun hobbies with a purpose. Once the decision is made to get started, sorting photos is the first task at hand. Many times photography makes photo sorting easy since there is a date somewhere on the picture. Once the photos are sorted, choose a well-made, high quality album. This will require a small investment, but when it comes to photography and scrapbooking, spending the money is worth it. Place the photos page by page in chronological order.

Be sure to use acid-free adhesive. Don’t be afraid to write about people, feelings and experiences. Once your album is completed, take a look through the pages. Take pride in a job well done. Photography and scrapbooking are enjoyable. There may even be a desire to take a photography class to improve one’s picture taking, thus creating a better scrapbook.